Grand Teton National Park Colter Bay Visitor Center

Culture / Visitor Center

Colter Bay, WY

A stunning museum collection within a multi-use space.

Grand Teton’s Colter Bay Visitor Center has long housed the Vernon Collection, a vast array of Native American artifacts from tribes across North America. As the bulk of this collection undergoes restoration, the park asked EDX to transform the visitor center into a multi-use space that welcomes and orients visitors entering the park from the north, takes advantage of views of Colter Bay, expands retail space, creates a place for artisans to work, and provides a taste of the Vernon Collection objects in interpretive exhibits.

By moving a retail area into a large adjacent room, EDX streamlined the lobby into an inviting reception area with views, seating, and interactive visitor orientation. Beyond the retail area, a museum exhibit highlights a collection of artifacts and interprets traditional Native American life in the region.